3 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to IBM Maximo 7.6

Upgrading Maximo EAM

IBM Maximo has been an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) player for a very long time. Since 1985 with the release of Maximo 2.0, IBM (PSDI at the time, followed by MRO Software) has been developing Maximo features to provide users with the latest in technological advancement as well as to stay competitive and keep their lead in the EAM industry.

Whether you apprehend it or not, software upgrades will eventually need to be carried out and preferably before your current version is too out of date when upgrades become increasingly complex.

Here are three (3) reasons to upgrade to Maximo’s latest version.

1. Maximo 7.5 End of Support

As of last month, IBM announced its end of support for all IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5x products, including Industry Solutions and Add-on’s. Although extended maintenance is available if you are unable to upgrade at this time, with the latest maintenance subscription, you have access to the latest feature packs and you continue to receive current IT platform support.

2. New Features / Industry Solutions and Add-ons

New Maximo features extend from a totally redesigned Control Center Interface to new security group templates. You are also looking at a Building Information Models (BIM) integration. This integration is quite helpful in the Healthcare, Education and Airports industries, where there is an increasing amount of construction. With BIM, you can view your entire buildings/assets in 3D and import their data into Maximo seamlessly.

Among other features, IBM has extended its core (out-of-the-box) capabilities. For example, Asset Health Insights allows you to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) by capturing data and leveraging it in Maximo and Scheduler Plus (weather data & forecast maintenance).

IBM has also reduced, and in some cases, eliminated customizations that were made on a previous version to meet business process requirements, making future updates easier and less costly.

3. Advanced Analytics (BI)

With increasing emphasis on big data and analysis, IBM has integrated Maximo into Watson providing an Analytics and Business Intelligence suite of tools to sort and leverage the vast amount of data collected in Maximo and its various applications. You can configure your information dashboard directly from your Work Center or extract the data to Excel.

Want a sneak preview of IBM Maximo 7.6?

Although upgrading Maximo can seem like a daunting task, you can use this time wisely and:

  • Clean-up data
  • Leverage new licensing metrics
  • Streamline business processes (Agile / Lean)
  • Move to the cloud

Not sure where to start? We can help.