New team member Lina De Marinis

linaTriNmax, IBM Advanced Business Partner, celebrates its second anniversary in a few months. Following its successes and in order to continue providing superior class services, the addition of skilled resources is a must. TriNmax has therefore undertaken to improve and strengthen its business operations through administrative and marketing strategies. As such, TriNmax Inc. president, Mr. Jean-François Désilets is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Lina De Marinis as Administration and Marketing Manager who takes office as of September 6th.

Former Marketing Specialist in the field, Lina joins the team with excellent knowledge of the industry along with strong organizational and interpersonal skills. “Jean-François and I have worked together before and we make an excellent team. Our expertise is complementary. Jean-François has determination, vision and leadership, while I parallel with support, coordination and tactics. I am very pleased to start this new chapter in my career and to be at the forefront of TriNmax’s evolution” says Lina.

Jean-François understands that the challenges of expansion, customer support, sales, employees and staying on mission are key elements for success. “I need a versatile and competent individual who requires minimal integration to quickly address the needs of the company”, says Jean-François, “and I know Lina’s sharpness and operational skills will take care of administering the office, allowing me to focus on my strengths, namely, business development, client relationships and project management. Lina will be my right hand ensuring continuity during my absences, which have become increasingly frequent in order to tailor to our dealings outside of Quebec. “

TriNmax is an IBM Maximo and Control Desk solutions reseller. The complexity of large-scale business solutions implementations requires access to many resources, expert knowhow, listening to customer needs and understanding the specifications of their industry. By hiring a talented manager like Lina, TriNmax is investing in maintaining its strength, which will support growth and enable us to continue offering exemplary customer service.

“With her strong business knowledge and rigor, adding to that the fact that we have had a number of prior successes, Lina’s addition to the team is a major asset for TriNmax. Our collaboration will very quickly reach cruising speed!” says Jean-François.

Undoubtedly, TriNmax continues its pursuit of excellence by hiring outstanding candidates!