Assessment is one of our passions, we can evaluate any size project that are related to the solutions that we implement and distribute. The assessment may be the return on investment (ROI), the duration of a project, the mandate and budget but also the current state of the system in place. We can make the evaluation as a partner for your project.


The implementation of your solution is the most important part of the project. We, at TriNmax, implement IBM Maximo and Control Desk, with methods and Project Management in a way that you probably already use and understand.


A Software upgrade can represent a complex project for many reasons, depending on the customizations, the integration and the development in the existing software. 


Today, having to duplicate any data entry from one software to another software doesn’t make sense. This is the reason why most leading software’s have an integration option. With IBM Maximo and Control Desk, at no additional charge IBM gives you the tools required to do a Great Integration with most of the available ERP’s, data systems and other Software Technologies.


You are short on time or resources to administrate your Maximo? This is our passion! Let us take care of that task and reduce the risk of something going wrong!  We can do this for a fraction of the cost and risk that you have to assume if you do this internally Let’s talk about that!


TriNmax offers IBM Maximo & Control Desk technical support via telephone email and remote control. The efficient and Courteous support service meets and exceed the needs and expectations of any size of business.

We have a flexible schedule and Special Packages to meet your Needs!


For any of initial project implantation, upgrade or deployment, education is the key to have your IBM Maximo & Control Desk users adhere to your corporate objective by using the software correctly and at its full capacity.