Are you short on time and resources to administrate your Maximo?

Let us take on that task and reduce the risks in case of difficulties… We can do it at a lower cost and minimise the risks that you have to assume by doing it internally.

The TriNmax team is working full time to put up every possible configuration of the IBM Maximo and Control Desk platform. It’s the tool we use every day, it’s our passion and we know its secrets. We are conscious that for many organisations, resources can not dedicate themselves to a specific solution, which can cause delays, additional costs in training that are not justifiable.

So we can propose a service plan covering administration of your IBM Maximo and Control Desk software. You will be reassured to have professional qualified personal offering an irreproachable approach to efficiently execute the task.

The covered services by the administration option can vary if you add or modify user rights, screen configurations, and changes to the workflow process, etc.