Evaluation (audit and recommendations)

What is the evaluation?

The evaluation and audit of the actual situation with the recommendation plan is one of our passions, we can evaluate projects of any size related to the solutions we distribute and implement. We have a proven experience in evaluation. Many IBM Maximo & Control Desk projects were launched with great success because of this step in which it is essential that specific experts to the targeted applications are called upon.

The objectives

The objectives of the evaluation exercise can be different from one project to another, from one site to another and of course from one organisation to another. In any case, when the evaluation is related to IBM Maximo or Control Desk, the TriNmax team can help you.

Our expertise lets us identify what is required to fulfill your needs and suggest the best course of action to ensure success of your implementation project or correct the use of the software by your organisation to improve it.

Audit and evaluation results

It can result in the elaboration or revision of the process of service request management, the process of IT service centers, preventive, corrective or conditional maintenance work, inventory and procurement management, integration of health and safety management methods, contract management, etc…

The result of the evaluation and audit is generally a report presented in a workshop showing present situation, the mapping of the process, the scope of the effort, cost and timeframe estimates, and the estimated gains. The information collected can be used to calculate return on investment (ROI), to redefine and predict the budget.

Let’s do it in a partnership

We can prepare the evaluation of your project as a partner or in a public request for proposal (RFP).