The Implementation

The implementation of our solution is an important step of your project. At TriNmax, we implement IBM Maximo and Control Desk with project management methods you probably already use and understand.

Our services include technological architecture planning. Whether on your infrastructure or hosted, it will be in a way to obtain a quick response time and rapid execution performance.

We also establish the functional architecture according to your elaborate needs in a workshop or as planed as a part of the evaluation. The functional architecture can be documented according to your management documentation specifications or by TriNmax’s documentation methods at your convenience.

Project management

Project management, an important part and success factor of your project, is guaranteed by recognised methods, vigorous and proven by large organisations in project management. TriNmax can adapt its methods to its clients, case by case. In practically every case, there will be a weekly follow-up according the documentation file of internal and external deliverables. The follow-up of the projects acquired value can easily be made by observing the projects evolution and predictions of changes to be done.


The configuration of applications according to your specific needs includes screen configuration according to your organisation, according to your needs related to process and the users. These configurations will results in a simplified use of the system, and promoting the adherence of users and integrity of your transactional datas.

Configurations include the parameterization of the workflow manager which will automate processes, the required approvals, and previously planned items in the previous steps. The Workflow Manager can be applied to most IBM Maximo and Control Desk solution applications. The most popular processes are those targeting asset management, inventory, procurement, and health and safety management. The process manager will interact with users by e-mail, notification by start center and will have the possibility to escalate in cases where service level agreements need to be respected and messages and resources can be affected elsewhere according to the actual needs. TriNmax experts implement the processes in a way that provides important gains to the organisation.

Organisation Change Management

Organisational change in an important reality to keep in mind from the beginning of the project. For a long time managed as a risk factor, it may even result in challenges or issues. TriNmax approaches Change Management as an opportunity. In reality, organisational changes are challenges that when well managed, will transform themselves in success factors. We have seen people having great resistance at first, transform themselves in success factors, and have invested in our approach keeping in mind the direction that benefits our precious clientele.