Ensure that all transaction are in your solution by integration

Today having to duplicate data input from one software to another is non-sense. That is why most leading software’s offer integration options. IBM Maximo and Control Desk are sold with these functionalities at no extra charge, you then obtain the necessary tools to integrate your software to most technologies, ERP, data systems and other software.

The experts at TriNmax can work with you and your team to identify and execute what is necessary to maximise integration of IBM Maximo and/or Control Desk, and other technologies that you use.

In our workshops, we validate the process to put in place keeping in mind the impacts and operational systems data constraints. It is then possible for us to evaluate the data that must be in each system to respect the wanted process, and also to protect data integrity in the organisation’s system.

Once the data is identified and documented, it’ll be just a question of choosing the technology to use to create the integration, go forward with the data mapping and proceed with the required parameterization. TriNmax generally limits itself with IBM’s software, but can have specialists intervene for most ERP MRP commercial solutions.