Faithful to the industry and ITIL best practices, TriNmax offers functional and technical support for IBM Maximo and Control Desk solutions as well as complementary add-on’s from TriNmax.

Service and support requests can be forwarded through phone with a local TriNmax phone number or toll free line. Requests can also be forwarded by e-mail at You will obtain quick action, courteous service, and access to our certified personnel, fully bilingual and masters in this field.

If the request is an incident, it will be documented, if it’s a problem, the team will analyse and resolve the situation. If changes are required, it could be taken care of by remote control with collaboration of IBM for corrective interventions. The process is entirely documented for traceability purposes and accounts are made available in the follow-up reports.

Problems impacting production

According to our pre-established service level agreements, TriNmax can intervene 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in cases of critical problems resulting in production interruptions (emergency priority 1). These interventions can be included in your package or on demand with prior authorisation.

Our support service surpasses expectations and needs of any scale of organisation. The IBM certified staff at TriNmax will answer most questions instantly.

The support services are offered in different packages to fit your specific needs.