The Training, for your success!

For all initial implementation, migration or deployments, education on IBM Maximo and Control Desk solutions are key to favor adhesion of users to your organisations objectives by using the software correctly and at its full potential.

If you don’t know or use IBM Maximo and Control Desk, or want to improve your knowledge, we have the teachers that can provide the best knowledge and teach you everything you need to know to use the asset and services management tools with the objective of making your solution simple but complete.

TriNmax is able to provide all types of training related to IBM Maximo and Control Desk, wither it be TriNmax standard training, personalised, or direct coaching with the final user.

TriNmax Standard Training

TriNmax has created a series of training sessions covering a vast majority of needs concerning IBM Maximo and Control Desk. Our trainings have a unique approach on the market, which is very graphic in relations with the application on each of the subjects that are addressed. You will quickly understand the application’s interrelations and the pathways of information seizures wither it be static or transactional in nature in your IBM Maximo and Control Desk.

IBM Maximo Asset Management Training
  • Work Order management
  • Asset management and preventive maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Supply management
  • Contract management
IBM Control Desk training
  • Management of service center
  • Change management
  • Management of production start-up
  • Management of discoveries and configuration items
Common platform training
  • Management of applied security
  • System configuration
  • Screen parameterization
  • Workflow process configuration
  • Installation coaching
  • BIRT report editor
  • IBM Cognos 10.2 for IBM Maximo and Control Desk report editor