Software Upgrades for IBM Maximo & Control Desk

How to upgrade successfully

Software upgrades for IBM Maximo & Control Desk, or in other words, migrating the solutions to a more recent version, are difficult to evaluate and can be complex projects depending on prior configurations, customization, developments and integrations with other systems.

However, upgrades are a crucial part of a software’s life cycle and need to be done. Sometimes it needs to be done in order to remain compliant with industry regulations, sometimes it’s because your current version will no longer be supported and sometimes it’s simply to stay current and benefit from the most recent functionalities.

Whether you welcome it, apprehend it, avert it or tackle it, software upgrades for IBM Maximo & Control Desk require careful planning and informed decision-making. Supported by the right team, your migration project can be short in duration, fall within budget estimates, and not disrupt business operations.

Here is a short (not limited to) list of items to sort out and budget for when planning an upgrade project:

  • Testing – Validate whether all prior customizations and workflows still function in the new version
  • In-house staff – Make sure you have enough internal staff mobilized to help out
  • Customization – Analyze whether you can simplify existing customizations or whether you can now be supported out-of-the-box
  • User adoption – Increase user endorsement by hosting workshops on new functionalities and enhancements

Reduce risks and achieve tangible results

TriNmax’s leaders started in the CMMS/EAM industry back in ‘96 with Maximo Advantage and Maximo 3. Having been specialists through many software upgrades, we fully understand the challenges involved and we are equipped to minimize upgrade consequences (such as operational change and application differences) at both a functional and technical level. With our level of expertise, we can precisely scope your upgrade project taking into account organizational impacts and suggest a path towards a more standard version, simplifying the challenges to the current migration as well as future ones.

To further reduce risks and complexity of  software upgrades for IBM Maximo & Control Desk, we may recommend one of IBM’s Industry Solutions. These “pre-packaged” solutions, also called verticals, are customized to reflect your industry’s operations. For example, the linear assets (roads, rails, pipelines, etc.) featured in the IBM Maximo for Transportation vertical is more advanced than say with the IBM Maximo for Healthcare solution. Along the same idea, the advanced security features of IBM Maximo for Banking will be tailored to that particular industry. Deploying verticals is also faster –less need for à-la-carte customization- therefore lowering implementation costs. They also score a quicker return on investment (ROI) since it is already adapted to your business reality.

Interested in learning more about about the challenges of migrating or how to make your next IBM Maximo or Control Desk upgrade a success?