Custom Implementation Services for IBM Maximo & Control Desk

The Challenges and Complexities of Business Software Implementations 

The acquisition and implementation of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software such as IBM Maximo or Control Desk can prove quite challenging depending on the size or your organization and the extent of its operational complexities. However complicated, TriNmax can help you with its FastNmax™ solutions, a proven methodology of custom turnkey implementation services:

  • Project Management
  • Process Optimization
  • Accelerated, but Skilfully Planned Implementation Strategies
  • Coaching and Training
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Within just a few days, we can help you:

  • Formulate your software utilization model;
  • Plan processes and workflows;
  • Integrate data;
  • Provide training that is adapted to meet your business sensibilities.

Our technical team configures specifications, programs settings, downloads data, etc., while our functional team advises and trains you according to asset management and service’s best business practices.

Therefore, all desired components are supplied in parallel so that only an efficient amount of our client’s time and effort is required -a valued benefit for businesses looking to achieve clear results without having to dedicate an unreasonable amount of internal staff members who are already otherwise engaged with critical business matters.

FastNmax™ thus allows you to reach your implementation objectives faster and overcome common challenges such as:

  • Internal Resource Availability
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Testing and Deployment Delays
  • Lack of Time and Expertise
  • Organizational Complexity

Learn to Exploit Functionalities to Their Fullest Potential

Albeit these custom turnkey implementation services were primarily developed for IBM Maximo and Control Desk, the FastNmax™ solutions collection can be deployed stand-alone and are also tailored to work in every system’s infrastructure model (Legacy, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Simply put, by following the FastNmax™ strategy, you will learn to exploit your software and its component’s full potential according to your business reality. This expertise will help in maximizing a return on investment (ROI) and reaching peak operational performance.

TriNmax strongly believes that FastNmax™ can help you save time and resources in carrying out an otherwise difficult IBM Maximo or Control Desk implementation project.

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