IBM Control Desk (SCCD)

Maximize and automate the management of services in accordance with ITIL, IBM Control Desk solution will help reduce costs and limit interruptions

IBM Control Desk is a Service and IT asset Management Software with a common Control Center. It allows the management of work processes connected to the digital and physical assets in a single platform. IBM Control Desk support and conforms to ITIL best practices and is delivered with preconfigured processes. This process minimizes the implementation effort. This is a Scalable solution helping organisations that are not fully ITIL mature.

IBM Control Desk is accessible through mobile technologies, integrates with social media and development tools.
IBM Control Desk is available in the traditional ‘On premise’ licencing model or Software as a services (SAAS). TriNmax also offers hosted solution favoring the effectiveness of deployment, ease of maintenance and configuration operations.
IBM Control Desk comes with many reports developed on BIRT and IBM Cognos, these tools allow detailed analysis on all system data. IBM has included templates that can be modified and the right to use BIRT and IBM Cognos reporting tools for the use and creation of operational and analytics reports related to the data in the Control Desk database.

The IBM Control Desk characteristics are as follows:

  • IT Asset Life cycle – The solution offers all the functionalities to manage the life cycle of IT equipment, software license compliance, costs and Complete History.
  • Service Request Management – allows the complete management of service centers with applications for service requests, problems or incidents with effective Configuration Management database (CMDB). IBM Control Desk is supported by an automated process manager (Workflow) giving you the ability to manage large amounts of service requests and address problems or incidents with automated efficiency while keeping a complete history.
  • Change Management, Configuration Management and Release management – Offers advanced capacity of impact analysis, change procedures are automated and designed to reduce risks while ensuring the continuity and integrity of services.
  • Service Catalogue – IBM Control Desk Service Catalog allow users to access a self-service and user-friendly application listing the services offered and lowers the volume of requests made via telephone. Combined with Workflow, it significantly reduced traffic to the call center, thus promoting dedication to problem solving.
  • Service Provider – IBM Control Desk for ‘Service Provider’ brings you the features that help you in your operations allowing you to provide high quality services to your customers, via a fully integrated and deployed solution.

IBM Control Desk is 100% compatible with IBM Maximo Asset Management, enabling organisations to manage all type of services, asset classes and resources integrated into a one instance platform. So you get a unified platform, significantly reducing maintenance, and systems upgrade. The uniformity of the platform in the software between business units will promote a reduction in implementation efforts and education, simplifying the data analysis with BIRT or IBM Cognos software on the unique database to both solutions.

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