Boost IBM Maximo with the Internet of Things (IoT) for optimized asset management in your organization

IBM Maximo is the world’s leading enterprise asset management (EAM) solution. Combined with the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), this solution is legitimately the most advanced and complete of its class.

  • Optimize the entire life cycle of your assets in one integrated system
  • Increase asset reliability and availability
  • Focus on preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Calculate the asset’s precise status thanks to IoT data and advise maintenance accordingly
  • Track and analyze sensor and diagnostics data and receive notifications even before problems break out

Integrate agility into your business model for superior asset management

In the majority of asset-intensive sectors (such as oil and gas, manufacturing or transportation), organizations are challenged to know how to maximize the value of assets throughout their life cycle.

Businesses must constantly monitor, evaluate and manage the reliability of a wide range of physical, technological and human factors. To complicate matters further, technology infrastructures are extremely complex, yielding siloed data that limit the effectiveness of inter-organizational operations.

Successful companies incorporate agility into their business model. The ability to adapt to change by improving operations (link to French content – IoT white paper – State of play in Quebec) makes the difference between survival and extinction. Asset management, pulled, unified and used effectively by data from IoT, has a significant impact on your bottom line.

When this framework is in place, organizations exercise greater control over their operations through better availability, reliability and use of their assets, and are able to:

  • Increase the life of assets through conditional maintenance, so reducing inventory costs and controling expenses
  • Mitigate compliance and risk issues
  • Turn ideas into action by analyzing historical data
  • Unify processes for extended asset management across multiple sites
  • Increase customer and shareholder satisfaction due to accurate asset status and effective maintenance planning

Ultimately, combining the power of IBM Maximo with IoT allows you to leverage real-time, accurate data and make informed decisions.

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