Custom Label and Barcode Printing Solution for IBM Maximo

LabelNmax is an entirely integrated and turnkey labelling and barcode printing solution for IBM Maximo.

TriNmax designed and developed LabelNmax as an enhancement to the out-of-the-box solution and to reduce the label printing process for IBM Maximo.

Organizations no longer need a developer spending time generating labels using complex  “in between” methods like BIRT reporting and ad hoc programming. In one to two clicks, end users can henceforth print labels and barcodes directly from the Asset, Item, Receipt and Inventory applications.

How it works

  1. You choose a professional printer model
  2. You choose among a vast variety of label models/size
  3. TriNmax integrates LabelNmax with your Maximo
  4. You customize labels as you see fit for each application
  5. You print

What’s included

  1. The printer
  2. The software
    1. licences for three (3) printers (base solution)
  3. The installation
  4. Twelve (12) months of technical support

Create numerous types of labels including:

  1. Assets
  2. Equipment
  3. Inventory
  4. Bin Number
  5. Receipt

What sets LabelNmax apart from the Maximo native label solution?

  1. Does not require the intervention of a BIRT developer
  2. A button for label printing will be added in several IBM Maximo screens.
  3. Can interact with multiple printers according to your needs.

LabelNmax can also be integrated to your Workflow processes and with Maximo Everyplace so that users can print remotely.

With our solution, there is no need to purchase additional Maximo licences. Furthermore, it was developed to not interfere with your existing features and operations.

If you are interested in making label printing easier and more efficient with IBM Maximo

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