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TriNmax works with you.

As a strategic partner, we can help you gain complete control over your asset management with IBM Maximo, while transforming your data into an engine for growth.

Our comprehensive services are the result of a highly qualified team dedicated to excellence and building lasting partnerships.

Our Solutions

Maximo Application Suite

Reinvent Asset Management

The Maximo Application Suite (MAS) offers a comprehensive solution for enterprise asset management, providing real-time visibility of your business activities. Its functionalities are designed to optimize your performance, extend the life of your assets, and reduce costs and operational downtime.

Nmax Suite

Enhancing and simplifying operations

TriNmax has developed cutting-edge technological solutions integrated into the Maximo Application Suite (MAS), designed to automate and accelerate your operational processes.


By Your Side

At TriNmax, we offer a complete range of turnkey services, tailored to your needs. Our team of experts will be at your service to help you make the most of the Maximo Application Suite.

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