IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) offers more than the traditional Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). It is a fully integrated software solution that helps organizations manage the entire life cycle and maintenance of their assets.

The features not only offer real-time visibility into business activities and performance but connects production with operations, safety and compliance in order to minimize incidents, downtime and costs. IBM Maximo can also be used remotely –on or offline– and via mobile applications, for increased flexibility.

Deployed on premises, as a service (SAAS) or hosted –favouring ease of maintenance– Maximo supports medium to large scale organizations. Its strong single platform can scope large amounts of assets and is structured to be able to support both large businesses with several sites, organizations and multilingual instances, as well as organizations on a single site.

IBM Maximo Asset Management, implemented along with best business practices, works to improve operational performance by providing comprehensive management of all company assets, including, but not limited to:

Infrastructure | Building – Property – Equipment – Vehicles
Inventory / Purchasing | Nuts and bolts – Filters – Lubricants – Spare parts
Contracts | Software – Leases – Rentals – Warrantees
Services | Cleaning – Shredding – Maintenance – Delivery
Equipment | Boilers – Pumps – Water heaters – Elevator

Furthermore, with IBM Maximo’s security settings you can configure users by groups and assign security privileges, safeguarding data and enabling targeted actions for earch group according to their security profile. The start centre interface provides instant visibility into the daily/weekly/monthly actions that need to be taken, communications, as well as performance indicators and provides rapid access to targeted functions depending on the role of the user. Furthermore, the configuration tool allows users to determine display screens, fields and relevant data, customizing their dashboard the way they see fit, encouraging usability and efficiency.

IBM Maximo Asset Management also includes BI report models developed on BIRT and IBM Cognos, allowing detailed analysis of all your system’s data. With the integrated Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) reporting tools, you can also create tailored operational and analytics reports linked to your data and/or extracted from your database.

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Alongside Control Desk, Maximo is part of the IBM Smarter Physical Infrastructure family. It includes a number of transactional modules, providing access to a wide range of applications, functions and operations.

Work Order Module – Allows for the management of all work types such as corrective, preventive, conditional, investment or improvement projects. This Maximo module allows you to manage planned and unplanned work. From service requests to the execution of work orders and recording actuals.

Asset Module (Equipment) – Reach a higher level of control and ensure effective monitoring of assets throughout their entire lifecycle by managing information, such as asset parent, location or facility, vendor, up/down status, nameplate, consumption, failure recording, life-cycle cost, etc. Its history is complete: from acquisition to decommissioning, including all work records, parts or service purchases, use of warranty…

Services Level Agreement (SLA) Module – Automatically track the compliance of commitments and ensure conformity by elaborating your service level agreements with an integrated escalation process and by incorporating your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) documents.

Contract Module – Allows for the management of all contract types including: warranties, labour rates, leasing, rentals, software licences, master contracts, base contracts, frameworks and customized contracts.

Inventory Module – Regulate asset intensive inventories based on best business practices and manage stock stored in various sites in one place. Take care of rotating assets in an integrated way, monitor balance, reorder, track condition and related costs, etc.

Procurement Module (purchasing) – Support your entire supply chain by reordering direct issue items / service items, by managing hardware and through the purchasing and replenishment of inventories. Maximize your acquisition costs by centralizing procurement and by integrating Service Level Agreements.



Customization and development – To meet the specific needs of certain sectors, IBM offers vertical solutions called Industry Solutions’ that extend Maximo’s core features. These solutions are a collection of modules and features tuned with pre-built frameworks to a specific industry’s operational requirements. Here is the main list:

  • IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler
  • IBM Maximo Linear Asset Management
  • IBM Maximo Health, Safety & Environment
  • IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power
  • IBM Maximo for Service Providers
  • IBM Maximo for Life Sciences
  • IBM Maximo for Oil & Gas
  • IBM Maximo Calibration
  • IBM Maximo for Transportation
  • IBM Maximo for Utilities
  • IBM Maximo Asset Configuration Manager
  • IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management
  • IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for Oracle
  • IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for SAP

IBM Maximo Asset Management is 100% compatible with IBM Control Desk, enabling companies to manage all types of services, asset classes and resources integrated into a one platform, thus significantly reducing operational maintenance and systems upgrade. Having a unified platform between business units promotes a reduction in implementation efforts and training, it also simplifies data analyses with BIRT or IBM Cognos pooling their information from a centralized database.

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